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OJT is NOT a Growth Strategy

Training is tough.

There's a blue-collar labor shortage in the U.S. Employees with vocational or technical training are hard to find and in high demand. With the skill sets needed to perform your business's installs and service calls few and far between, training is essential.

But...OJT is not the solution.

OJT (on the job training) is not the best time or the place to FIRST learn about a new product. Not only will the job take longer—costing you potential revenue from other sites—you're at risk for error...much more error. Mistakes could result in a return site visit (costing you money), injuries, fines, or even lawsuits.

We know the process of hiring new employees can be expensive. We know keeping your current team up-to-date on the latest products and industry trends is expensive and time-consuming. We know that if you don't invest in the knowledge and skills needed for highly technical tasks and supervisory positions, your current team will stagnate...forcing you to, once again, spend money recruiting outside help.

So if not OJT...then how? How do you teach new recruits? How do you train your current team on Franklin Electric products? And, most importantly, how do you make it not boring?

That's why FranklinTECH Online exists.

Train your team before hitting the job site. Train your team with base-level knowledge on products, installation, troubleshooting, and selling before speaking to a customer or traveling to a job site. Train your team with digital assignments and recommendations of interactive courses, guides, and videos. Train your team with access to personalized streams and access to microbits of information. It's an ecosystem to learn. Consider this your digital support source.

Ready to add FranklinTECH Online to your training strategy?