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How to Manage Team Training with FranklinTECH Online

On average, a person needs 22 messages to reinforce an idea. Pair that with curating the right resources, a declining attention span, and addressing the five major reinforcement gaps (knowledge, skills, motivation, environment, communication) …you've got your work cut out for you.

FranklinTECH Online can help.

Using the Manage function, choose training to assign, set deadlines, and track learner progress.


  1. Have each team member sign up for FranklinTECH Online
  2. Submit your team list to (include first name, last name, email)
  3. Wait for a brief configuration on our end
  4. Start assigning

*Only 1 account per team can be set up as a team manager. If a team member has a FE Direct or FE Select account, login credentials are the same. Have your team member log into FranklinTECH Online one time BEFORE submitting your team list.


With team assignments, managers can view plans,

view completed and overdue items,

and assign training.

To assign training, search for content, assign a due date, recommend or require completion, and type a reason why.

Team members will be notified new items have been added to their plan,

and receive a notification.

The new assignment will also show up on the team member's home page.